Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ever have one of those runs?

Yesterday was a gorgeous fall day. The leaves are turned and colorful, the breeze was gentle and comforting, and I was on an aerobic run. Now I have never been accused of being a runner. (My shuffle allows me to compete and thats about it.) Since my biggest limiter has been identified in bright shining neon, I have dedicated the winter to improving my run. The base being the foundation fitness is based on I have been adding 10% per week to the time and really starting to enjoy my long "run". I have been concentrating on a fast turnover and neutral footfall. It feels weird but it seems to be working. I turned the last corner on my run and realized that I was several minutes faster than I anticipated, was completely aerobic and breathing easy. I finished 5 miles with a smile and no discomfort.

Now.....about that HIM run.......

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S. Baboo said...

I love the winter because I can spend time just working on my run. It's weird because running was by far my least favorite when I first started triathlon and now i look forward to winter just so I ahve an excuse to be run focused.