Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prep ends....Base 1 starts!

I am a geek. Yah, I know. Big surprise, right? But, I like to plan my training well in advance and have a well thought out schedule for each weeks work outs. To that end, I use a plan outlined by Joe Friel in the Triathlete's Training Bible.

Each training phase is designed to get you to your chosen "A" race in peak form. I have been in Prep phase since October. Lots of LSD and nothing above an aerobic heartrate.

This week is rest and test week. Yesterday, I did a swim test to see where I stand. 500yds done at an aerobic pace in 8:01. Not bad for me....especially at this time of the year. Jan (local pentathalon guru, and good guy) has been giving me pointers and some helpful criticism.(That looked like crap! Do more!....Just kidding....kinda)

Today was a bike test on the trainer to find my aerobic threshold. Found it.........just a bit lower than I would like to have seen. Oh well, it is what it is.

Sunday is a running test on the treadmill to plot AT while running.

Mundane, blah, milktoast....yeah well Monday starts Base 1. I get to build on what I've done and start adding some hills to help prepare me for Lubbock. I am stoked.

And I have learned something from past mistakes. I have my training plan written down all the way to the end of June.....But I don't mind going with the flow. Life is too short to be a slave to a calendar.

Base 1 lasts 3 weeks. Guess I'll see how that schedule works out then.

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Cody the Clydesdale said...

Glad I'm not the only anal retentive one out there. You'll be glad whwn your A race arrives.